Education: MOOcs

MOOCs, free online courses, have increased in popularity due to their ability to help educate the world. These courses have been used to teach refugees near the Kenya-Somalia border. Some refugees have day jobs in the United Nations, so they work on watching lecture videos and completing quizzes during lunch breaks. At the end of the day, the refugees are taken back to camp by an armed convoy. However, there are concerns about the extent of the impact that this digital learning will have in foreign countries.

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  1. lai_laissa     August 28, 2014 at 8:11pm

    `I heard about this earlier today . I think this idea of MOOCS is revolutionary. It really goes on the idea that education should be available to everyone regardless of social status, background, race etc., etc. I cannot really think of any concerns that this would raise. Isn’t it wonderful when people are educated.

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