Education: Love What You Learn

Many people believe that the education system in the United States is great, but could use some improvement. This “improvement” is not always defined in the traditional sense of higher quality education, which will lead to American children becoming smarter. For many people, an improvement needs to be made in terms of how students are learning, and the effect that education has on their own lives and interests. Too many kids are said to only be learning because they have to, rather than want to. This is unfortunate for our society because students should love what they learn. Of course, not every class or subject has to interest them, but there should be at least one topic or area of study that students learn about because they are interested in it, and not just because it is required. This idea of loving what you learn is something that many colleges and universities around the world try to incorporate into their curricula. That is why so many colleges and universities offer hundreds of classes across several disciplines; it makes it easier for every student to find at least one class that allows her to love what she is learning.


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