Education: Literacy Laws

This year, for the first time, third graders in North Carolina were given a standardized test to prove their reading capabilities. This exam is very important since third-grade is thought of as the most crucial year for developing students’ reading skills. If any third-graders fail this exam, they have no choice but to repeat the third grade. There are laws similar to this one in thirteen other states aside from North Carolina. This law, although meant to increase literacy rates amongst students, is posing several challenges to the students who unfortunately fail the exam. Certain districts in North Carolina, Arizona, and Colorado are offering these students the chance to repeat their third grade curriculum in summer school. After the summer school course, which is usually six weeks long, administrators then decide whether or not to hold students back, based on their improvement. The hard thing about holding students back from an administrative standpoint is the fact that there is not always enough funding to have the proper resources to do so. So, many school districts have to figure out a solution on their own.

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