Education: Learning Styles

Early on in school, we learn that there are different types of learning styles. As time goes on, more and more learning styles are discovered and classified. However, there are three main styles: auditory, visual, and kinesthetic. Identifying your personal learning style is something that can really help to improve your learning and make sure you get the most out of your education. Auditory learners are people who retain the most information by speaking and hearing. For these people, music often helps to facilitate learning as well. Some techniques include listening to speeches or videos to help learn and gain information. Visual learners retain the most information by seeing what they are learning. For these people, helpful techniques include watching videos or studying pictures to help learn. Visual learners succeed by picturing the information in their minds. Finally, kinesthetic learners retain information with physical movement. For these people, it is most helpful to learn with a hands-on approach. Certain activities, like building models or demonstrating an idea rather than verbally explaining it, prove to be more helpful to kinesthetic learners.

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