Education: Keep Calm and College On with Phoebe Roe

As you prepare to navigate college, it is helpful to learn from people who have already been there. This week we interviewed Phoebe Roe, a junior at Kenyon College in Mt. Vernon, Ohio. She is majoring in psychology and minoring in Arabic and English. Phoebe is also a GenHERation contributor, so be sure to check out her articles every Tuesday!

Q: How did you pick your major?

A: I have always loved studying and interacting with people, so when I took my first psychology class during my sophomore year of college, Phoebeeverything fell into place. I have loved studying psychology and it has completely changed my way of thinking and has made me a much more empathetic person overall.

Q: How can students get involved in extracurricular activities in college? What activities are you involved in?

A: Reach out! I have had such a wonderful time being involved in extracurriculars, but I only gained involvement by asking for leadership positions and when you are put in a leadership role, do the best work you possibly can.

My activities include:

President – Partnership of East Knox and Kenyon College

Owner – Kenyon Carryout

Co-President – Roosevelt Institute

Chair – Housing and Dining Committee

Chair – Housing Lottery Reformation Committee

Theme Housing Residential Advisor

Division Housing Committee

Tour Guide

Equestrian Team

Outdoors Club

Q: How do you manage your time as a college student?

A: Google Docs are my life. I also make sure to always have a small notepad with me, I find it very helpful for keeping myself on track. As for how I manage each day, I make sure to keep my priorities in line. I know that if I’m not able to go for runs or sleep, I won’t be productive, so I leave myself time every day for things like that. I also have terrific friends who are a great support system and remind me to relax and have fun when I’m getting too stressed.

Q: Do you have a mentor? How can students find mentors in college?

A: I do! My mentor is a professor named Clara Roman-Odio and she has been my faculty advisor for my volunteer program and a terrific inspiration in perseverance and kindness.

Q: What is the best piece of advice you have ever been given?

A: A few of my favorites:

Things don’t matter, people and your impact on people is what is important.

What we can do, we must.

You make your own luck.

Everything/most things my parents have said over the years

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