Education: John King is the Acting Secretary of Education

Most people know about the resignation of Arne Duncan, the former Secretary of Education, but how much do they know about John King, his temporary successor?

King was previously state education commissioner of New York, where he introduced new teacher evaluations, put the Common Core State Standards into effect and helped expand charter schools. Announcing his plans as acting secretary at the White House, he expressed his goals for “raising standards for teaching and learning in K through 12” as well as ensuring that “we invest in our teachers and provide the best preparation and support and leadership opportunities for them.”

Despite his promises, however, his appointment has not been met with all-round enthusiasm. In fact, the New York State United Teachers union, which had called for King’s resignation just last year, is shocked at his promotion. As of now, King has yet to be approved by congress; and, as public opinion regarding his appointment is still shaky, whether or not he will become the official Education Secretary after the Obama administration is uncertain.

Contributor: May Huang


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