Education: Jobs Invests $50 Million to Build “Super Schools”

As a long-time supporter of College Track, an organization that aims to help lower-income students through and beyond the college application process, Laurene Powell Jobs (widow of the late Steve Jobs) has always been devoted to advancing higher education nationwide. The “Super School Project” she launched through “XQ America” on September 11th, however, has a slightly different focus: high-schoolers. With a $50 million budget at the ready and hopes to give public schools the chance to “start from scratch,” Jobs will fund up to ten proposals over the next five years to help high school curricula and technologies modernize. Teachers, students, leaders, and even parents will be eligible to form teams and submit proposal ideas to XQ America until November 15th. The winning proposals—innovative, promising and insightful as they are bound to be—will be revealed next August!

Contributor: May Huang


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