Education: Graduation Rates

It’s not often you hear good news, but this is one of those times! For the first time ever, the nation’s on time high school graduation rate is above 80%. Education Secretary Arne Duncan has called this a “profound milestone.” Of course, the education system in the US has a lot of area for improvement, with one third of children from low income families failing to graduate in some states. Students from large cities tend to dropout of school more than students from the suburbs. On average, girls have a graduation of 84% while boys are at 77%.  Disparities between graduation rates also exist between different ethnicities. The 20% that failed to graduate include a disproportionate number of African Americans, Latinos, Native Americans, special-needs students and English-
language learners.

Contributor: Ashni Nadguada


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  1. lai_laissa     September 9, 2014 at 5:14pm

    That is absolutely great news. However, I wish that everyone was benefiting from this

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