Education: Government Announces EQUIP Program

A new federal education program announced by the Education Department called EQUIP, or Educational Quality through Innovative Partnerships, is intended to provide federal grants to aid participation in computer science related courses such as coding programs and MOOCs (massive open online courses). After graduating and obtaining a certificate and college credit (as there will be close involvement of accredited colleges and universities to validate the courses), participants should be able to enter the work field with a stronger resume and a greater field of opportunities.

According to the Education Department, in 2015 the number of students graduating from these non-traditional tech programs is expected to increase by 240 percent. The goal of the program is, as undersecretary of education Ted Mitchell said, “…to equip students, particularly low-income students, with greater access to innovative educational programs in subjects with the flexibility that they may not otherwise have.”

Contributor: Katie Sun


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