Education: Google Launches Expeditions Pioneer Program

Google has made life more convenient for us in so many ways – through Gmail, Google Maps and Google Drive, just to list a few. The tech giant’s latest endeavor, “Expeditions,” is an app that hopes to impact thousands of schools and shape education in the classroom by syncing ‘field trips’ with a virtual reality viewer known as “Cardboard.” The app will let students virtually visit museums, Aztec ruins, and even Mars without leaving their seats (or needing internet connection!). During such expeditions, teachers will also be able to virtually teach up to fifty students by using pointers to highlight specific parts of every experience, ranging from coral reefs to contours on a planet.

The Expeditions Pioneer Program will soon be visiting schools around the world and giving students the chance to try out its virtual reality field trips. In the blink of an eye, you could go from sitting in your seat to walking up and down the Great Wall of China!

Contributor: May Huang


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