Education: Effects of Procrastination

As we all know, procrastination can really hurt an individual’s productivity. Many people will readily admit that they have a procrastination problem, and leave their duties and obligations until the last minute. While some people are able to work effectively even though they procrastinate, others really wish they could change their habit of procrastination. For the people that do not mind it, they actually believe that procrastination helps them work more efficiently. They don’t waste time pretending like they will complete the assignment before it is truly “crunch time.” So when it is crunch time, they work more efficiently and spend all of their time getting the work done. This is somewhat of an interesting phenomenon, but it does work for many people. On the other hand, many individuals wish they could stop procrastinating. When it comes onto certain things such as projects and homework with long-term due dates, procrastinators are not compelled to take advantage of the fact that they have ample time to complete them. Instead, they use the fact that they have ample time as an excuse to put off their work.

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