Education: College Credit Cards

While financial experts will caution students against getting their own credit cards in college, there may be benefits to this additional responsibility. Credit cards encourage students to establish a good credit score and build a credit history, allowing them to have a healthy financial future after graduating. By simply making on-time payments, a student’s credit score increases. Credit cards also offer students without loans the chance to establish their credit and prove their ability to be a responsible borrower before graduation. This allows them to get their own apartment after graduating and borrow money for other high expenses. Since students do not always have cash on hand, credit cards can be convenient when there isn’t quick access to an ATM. There are also some online purchases that should not be made with a debit card because they can make students more vulnerable to fraud and identity theft. On the other hand, most banks will not hold individuals liable for fraudulent purchases on credit cards. The bottom line is this: if a college student is frugal and capable of remembering deadlines, a credit card may be the ideal choice.

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