Education: Behind the Scenes at Adobe

Adobe was pretty amazing. Before I went, I had no idea what to expect. Will I just be awkwardly “shadowing” an employee and stare at the person staring at the computer screen for three hours? Carol totally surprised me when she told me that she had arranged for me to meet with three different female employees. The first person I got to meet was Kate Morris, and she was Carol’s manager. Carol is a college student who’s been working at Adobe for the summer and she works with Kate on the diversity inclusion/community partnership program. Kate briefly explained how she came to work at Adobe, from what she studied in college to now. The second person I met was Kate B. and she works in analytical marketing. She took me to a small empty conference room and showed me some work that she’s doing on the big screen. Basically, she uses these tools with her team to analyze how effective Adobe’s marketing is on a specific platform (like social media, Adobe’s website, etc), works with numbers and graphs, and share the analysis with marketing people at other international Adobe regions to see how they can better improve the way they market a product. Before coming to Adobe, I only knew of Illustrator because I use it for creating logos/flyers, Photoshop, Lightroom, and Flash, which are all services within the Creative Cloud. I had no idea that Adobe also has this whole other suite of services called the “Marketing Cloud,” and it also is their main source of revenue. Kate B. also told me some of her own background and how she came to work here. The third person I met was Andra I. and she’s a software engineer who’s the head of this product that allows companies like National Geographic to better manage and design their online content. I learned that a “experience design developer” is a person who works in between an engineer and a EX person, so it’s pretty cool because they have the best of both worlds and have the chance to drive some of their creativity in the more technical aspects of their job. Afterwards, she showed me around her workspace (which were not cubicles but open areas!) and introduced me to some of her friends. All in all, Adobe shadow day was super informative and tight-packed and I loved every second of it! I can definitely see myself keeping these people in my contacts and reaching out to them in the near future for possible collegiate internships because Adobe is so cool!

Contributor: Ivy Chen


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