Education: 5 Things to Consider When Applying to College

It’s application time! You have 16 schools on your roster. You do not want to complete 16 time-consuming, mind-boggling, emotionally traumatic applications.

(We’re kidding on those adjectives…well, partially.)

How can you kick some schools off the list? What are you looking for in a school? Here are some factors you may not have thought of:

1. Size

Do you like a small-town feel or do you want to explore a big campus? Looking at the physical size of the school and the size of the population of the school are both equally important. Also consider the faculty-student ratio. Make sure you pick a school that can foster your growth – whether it is small or big.

2. Location

Despite both being in New York, the difference between NYU and Cornell is huge. What kind of college campus do you think you’d enjoy the most? How easy is it to travel from your school? How important is travel to you? 

3. Academic Opportunities

Many people take this for granted, but it’s something that really merits research. Is the major you’re interested in available? Do some exploring on the school’s website. What other opportunities are available? Are there individualized majors? Special programs that align perfectly with what you want to do? Keep your options open!

4. Non-Academic Opportunities

Research Centers. Clubs. Study abroad. Sports.

5. “Culture”

Probably the most important. Can you see yourself at this school? That’s what matters the most.

Contributor: Megan Yan


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