Education: 3 Tips to Start Your Day Off Right

Here in Philadelphia, the winter seems to be making itself comfortable this week, and the cold weather makes it increasingly tempting to stay inside. So in honor of 4 more weeks of winter, here’s some tips to make the morning treks to school, or even the bus stop, a bit more bearable!

  1. Prepare yourself the night before

Something as simple as laying out your clothes and packing your backpack at night can save precious minutes in the morning. If you’re anything like me, waking up is something that is reserved for the last possible minute, so by taking the time to just set yourself up for school, you can avoid forgetting items in the morning and being late for class.

  1. Get up with your first alarm

The urge to hit snooze and roll over can be strong, but by resisting that urge, you can actually help yourself to feel better as you wake up. Our bodies go through sleep cycles, and even in a 9-minute snooze span, your body can fall back into a sleep cycle only to be woken up by the ringing alarm, and you may actually feel worse with that second alarm. Set your clock for the time you will actually wake up and NOT the time you wishfully hope to wake up.

  1. Check the weather!

It sounds obvious, but it’s so helpful! I know I’m not the only one who rolls over and checks my phone the second I wake up in the morning. Make it part of your routine to check the weather every day! That way, you can get dressed for the day and not have to worry about getting caught in the snow or blown away by winds at 30 mph.

Hopefully, these tips will help you start your day right this winter! Comment below with some tricks you use to get ready for school easier in the morning.

Contributor: Raina Searles



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