Education: 3 Tips To Help You Pay Attention in Class

These days, we all have a lot on our minds, whether its job applications, college preparation, or even family things we need to deal with later. Going to class can seem like an interruption at times, so here are some tips on how to pay attention in class:

  •  Prepare Yourself Mentally – This means removing distractions you know you have. It means keeping a check on yourself when you feel your thoughts start to wander and have to bring it back to the present. Make sure you are not checking your phones or working on assignments for other classes.
  • Position Yourself Physically – There may not always be an option, but if you can, sitting towards the front of the room or closer to the teacher can create a sense of accountability. If you have a classmate who can often disrupt your learning, sometimes the best solution is to just find a seat away from them.
  • Engage yourself Academically – Most importantly, whether you are interested in the subject or not, prepare yourself for class. This includes doing readings before class, asking questions, talking to your teacher if you feel you have a learning style that he or she is not accommodating. It also means that when you are not feeling engaged, you seek new ways to get interested, whether it is forming a study group with your friends, making topic associations to popular media, or zoning in on a portion of the lesson that really jumps out at you.

It is essential to find what works best for you and your learning style, and keeping yourself open to new tactics will help you discover the perfect way to maintain your focus in the classroom!

Contributor: Raina Searles




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