Education: 3 Tips for Working in Groups

Most people who have worked on group projects know that it is not the easiest task. Typically, the more people who are in the group, the harder it becomes to coordinate and collaborate successfully. Here are some tips to make your group work go a little smoother.

  1. Set rules from the start

It is important to determine what you as a group need to accomplish and what you value. If you are working on an unfamiliar project, this is even more essential because otherwise, you will be dealing with project complications AND relational complications. By simply setting ground rules, such as how you will act in group meetings and the team dynamic you want to strive for, you can save time when later challenges arise.

  1. Be open to new ideas!

It can be really hard to speak up in a group. Especially when everyone is agreeing with one idea that you might disagree with or want to change, it is important that you and your other group members remain open to everyone’s opinions and thoughts. Furthermore, if you hear an idea you don’t like, that does not mean the person who proposed it should be discounted. Respecting others leads to positive communication and better collaboration.

  1. Hold each other accountable

Everyone has different challenges in their lives, and it is easy to forget an assignment here and there. Friendly reminders before and after meetings to the whole group keep people aware of tasks without targeting anyone negatively. If a group member is not pulling their weight, take them aside and make it a private conversation. Again, a little respect can go a long way when working with others.

Hopefully, these tips will help you out of some terrible teamwork situations in the future!

Contributor: Raina Searles

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