Tech Talk 11/6

Favorite The International Tech Capital [of the week] Contributor: Ricky Rajani Since Tuesday, Web Summit 2014 has been the “international tech capital.” “Everywhere you go it is buzzing and electric,” claims Bloomberg. Bringing in over 20,000 people, including startups, entrepreneurs and

Tech Talk 10/30

Favorite This week in the digital world, both tech giants and startups have not failed to impress with their new product announcements. Here is the lowdown on the happenings in the tech world: Contributor: Ricky Rajani Unveiled: Flying Cars AeroMobil, a Slovakian startup, unveiled today a

Tech Talk 10/23

Favorite This week in tech, there have been an unveiling of new wearables, hoverboards, and crazy hacks…the world of technology never sleeps. Read on for a quick update: Contributor: Ricky Rajani Revealed: Microsoft’s Dirty Little Secret The Microsoft Garage was created in 2009 to let its

Tech Talk 10/16

Favorite This week in tech has been bustling with hacks, innovations, and big announcements. Here is a quick update about the latest advancements in the digital world: Contributor: Ricky Rajani “The Snappening” Last Thursday night, several nude photos were leaked from Snapchat on to 4chan. This

Tech Talk 10/9

Favorite This week in tech has been lively, as usual. Here is a quick update on the up-and-coming trends in technology to keep you up to speed on industry news. Contributor: Ricky Rajani The Big Break Up: This past Monday, the pioneer of startup-turned-big-tech-giant, Hewlett Packard, split up.