Health: Migraines

Favorite Headaches vary in magnitude—they can be acute, causing only a small amount of pain, or they can be so painful to the point where people feel as though they cannot move. Severe headaches that occur consistently, and sometimes last for days, are called migraines. Some people get them

Health: Dehydration

Favorite Dehydration occurs as a result of an individual not consuming enough water. Dehydration can lead to several health consequences, especially at times when hot weather is a factor. Although people think that consuming any liquid, like juice or soda, will help to prevent dehydration, they

Health: Stamp Out Sigma

Favorite Managed Health Network, Inc. announced its support of the national Stamp Out Stigma campaign, as a response to the negative perceptions of mental illness. It is estimated that one in four American adults will experience a mental illness in any year, but many of these people are afraid