Business: Young Scientists Can Earn $250,00

Would you be interested in entering a science video contest to show off a new science experiment or idea? If so, there is a new contest for you. It is called the Breakthrough Junior Challenge and allows students ages 13-18 to show off a new idea for the chance to win $400,000 in prizes for themselves and for their school. This is a joint enterprise between Khan Academy and Breakthrough Prizes with submissions being accepted until September 7. The Breakthrough Junior Challenge awards $250,000 to the winner, $50,000 for the teacher who inspired that winner, and $100,000 for the school’s science lab. “The idea is to award people who can explain things in a new and innovative way, ways that can open up all of our minds,” said Salman Khan, the founder of Khan Academy, in a video accompanying the announcement. The winning video will be aired live on the National Geographic Channel on November 8.

Contributor: Susan Packer


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