Business: WorthFM Will Provide Financial Advice to Women

WorthFM is a new robo-advisor expected to launch in 2016. Robo-advisors are online investment firms that offer financial and investment advice tailored to females. Such investment firms are lucrative as, according to the Center for Talent Innovation, females control an estimated $11.2 trillion in investable assets. Financial experts Amanda Steinberg and Michelle Smith created WorthFM because they do not want women to be exploited for their assets. One of their main objectives is for them to act like an adviser to their clients, building a relationship with clients before dealing with financial matters. They plan to achieve this through proctoring MoneyType assessments that will help them learn how their clients perceive and relate to money. The results from these questionnaires will allow them to personalize a client’s path, keep the client interested, and build her financial confidence.

Contributor: Evangeline Giannopoulos


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