Business: Twitter Sales

Twitter shares have increased by nearly 30% after the company published its second quarter report. The company has done even better than projected, which has attracted people to buying into the company, or in other words, purchasing shares. Many investors were hesitant to buy into Twitter when the company first announced its IPO. Even though it was projected to do well, investors were not sure if it would live up to that success. However, this report has helped to get rid of some of those fears since the numbers are now able to show how the company has done. Twitter has raised its total projected sales for 2014 to $1.3 billion. Although the stock price is going up, Twitter still lost about $145 million this past quarter. Prior to this recent surge in stock prices, shares have fallen by nearly 40% since the year began. But from personal experience, we can all attest to the prevalence of Twitter in today’s society. Chief Executive Officer Dick Costolo is still completely confident about Twitter’s future, and the continued success that he believes it will have

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