Business: Study Examines Women’s Path to the C-Suite

Do you aspire to be the next Bill Gates? Mark Zuckerberg? Elon Musk? Do you wonder why these popular CEOs are all male? This is a reflection of the lack of gender equity in corporate America, according to a study by McKinsey & Company and A survey of 30,000 employees from 118 companies reveals a few common themes of the corporate workplace that make women less eager to be top executives. First and foremost is an uneven playing field: women are four times more likely than men to think they have fewer opportunities to advance and twice as likely to think gender will make it difficult to advance. It does not help that gender diversity is not made a priority. Although 74% of companies report that their CEOs are committed to gender equity, only 37% of women would agree. The study also found that only 4% of women take advantage of an extended maternity leave due to a stigma that it will harm their position at work. More detailed results of the study can be found in this official report.

Contributor: Evangeline Giannopoulos



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