Business: Strictly Online

Since the Internet has become so widespread, many businesses have opted to only provide their goods and services through an online platform. As we know, many companies begin with a physical location, and then expand to the point where it is beneficial for them to offer their goods and services online. Businesses can then not only reach customers close by with physical stores, but also, reach people from all around the world with the Internet. However, it has become increasingly popular for online businesses to remain online for several years before having a physical location, and some decide not to do so at all. There are both advantages and disadvantages to businesses that are strictly online. One advantage is the fact that they do not have to worry about the expenses of having a physical location such as rent, electricity costs, and repairs. On the other hand, businesses that are strictly online are not able to reach customers who do not shop online. Ultimately, it is up to every business owner to decide what is best for her business, and whether a physical store location and/or an online platform would be successful.


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