Business: Startups

Startups are companies that have just been created, or by other definitions, companies that currently make under a certain amount of money in revenue. More recently, the startup culture has become more widespread, and many people are taking the risk of creating their own business and becoming an entrepreneur. The great thing about a startup is that there is so much room for it to grow. Some of the most important things to keep in mind when starting a company are the long-term goals. So even though the founder of a startup has short-term goals to meet in the very near future, she still keeps her long-term goals in mind, which makes it very exciting. A business in the startup stage is able to take risks and try several new things without having very much to lose. Companies that have been around for many years or even decades are not in the same position; every time an established company takes a risk, they are putting years and years of work on the line, as well as already-established systems.

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