Business: Starbucks Announces “Race Together” Campaign

Race Together” is a new campaign by Starbucks that hopes to start a positive conversation about race in America. Starbucks will do this by encouraging its baristas and employees to scribble “race together” on those famous Starbucks customer cups in hopes of striking up a positive conversation with the customer. The news of this campaign has sparked a lot of debate and backlash. Some critics have cited that Starbucks is naïve in thinking that positive conversations about race could happen with complete strangers over a cup of coffee. Despite the criticism, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz has stated, “We at Starbucks should be willing to talk about these issues in America. Not to point fingers or to place blame, and not because we have answers, but because staying silent is not who we are.”

Contributor: Laissa Alexis



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