Business: Sa Umbrella

No doubt about it, the world is evolving. Modern times have seen incredible cell phones, solar panels and now, futuristic umbrellas? With the help of Kickstarter, entrepreneur Justin Nagelberg created the Sa, a hexagonal umbrella made out of recyclable plastic material.  The Sa also boasts an internalized mechanism to allow users to easily open and close the umbrella. “It’s really durable because of the truncated hexagon shape,” Nagelberg says. “It works somewhat like a pyramid. The planes also stop the structure from expanding beyond its fully open size.This is exceptionally strong when wind comes from underneath the umbrella, making it really hard, if not impossible, to blow inside out.” Nagelberg has partnered with Matthew Waldman, founder of the New York design lab Nooka, whom he met at a design conference in Tokyo a few years ago. Thus, far, Nagelberg’s Kickstarter campaign has raised roughly $60,000, nearly twice his original goal.  Production on the Sa is in full swing and will be available for $89 in March of 2015, just in time for April Showers.

 Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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