Business: Rolls-Royce Job Cuts

The engineering group, Rolls-Royce has proposed a restructuring plan that involves cutting 2,600 jobs over the next 18 months. The majority of the cuts would be in the aerospace division, where most of the reduction would be achieved by 2015. Rolls-Royce has a global workforce of 55,000 people. The reduction in workers is a part of an intense program to improve operational efficiency and reduce cost across the Group.  According to a statement released on Tuesday, the company is committed to accelerate progress on the 4Cs: Customer, Concentration, Cost, and Cash. Rolls-Royce plans to continue to pursue farther cost improvements in all areas.“The investment we have made in technology and new capacity, alongside the organizational changes we have made to simplify the Group, have embedded us to increase output improve efficiency,” Rolls-Royce said in a press release. These reductions are not the last to come. However the company views them as a way to make Rolls-Royce a stronger, more profitable company.

Contributor: Dominique Jolly


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