Business: Marketing

Marketing is one of the most important aspects of business in general. Regardless of what specific job or career someone may have, marketing plays a role in helping organizations become and remain successful. Marketing is the action or activity of promoting and selling goods and services. Regardless of how great a product is, it will only be a hit if it is properly marketed. The best thing about marketing is it provides a field for people to still work in business, yet be able to think creatively and “outside of the box.” People who work in marketing are in charge of doing research and brainstorming to figure out what works best in regards to selling a product, and also, they have to figure out new ways to sell products. Marketing tactics are crucial because they help to establish a consumer’s initial reaction to a product. For products that do very well in the market, people in marketing can see what strategies caused it to be a hit. For products that do not do as well, people in marketing can examine the strategies used and analyze why they were not successful.

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