Business: LaGuardia Airport Renovations Announced

LaGuardia Airport is one of the largest, busiest airports in America. But the airport has fallen to the wayside through a lack of upkeep. Vice President Joe Biden compared it to “a third-world country” last year, and since then, improvements for LaGuardia have been in the works. New York’s governor recently announced a $4 billion renovation, which will begin next year. Biden has played a large role in speeding up this renovation process, and the project is projected to take eighteen months. The airport currently operates with a number of fractured, smaller facilities. The renovation will highlight a centralized terminal and more space for landings and takeoffs. LaGuardia is currently notorious among pilots for its short runways and difficulty involving flight operations, so the changes to the airport will address these issues. As the smallest of New York’s three airports, LaGuardia is also the most in need of a restoration. The construction work and additional projects in the terminal are expected to generate thousands of jobs in the upcoming years. The airport is, at the moment, outdated and poorly laid out. The newer version will update the outdated airport and expand business, tourism, and travel in the New York area.

Contributor: Hannah Smith


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