Business: Hospitality

Everyone enjoys feeling welcomed when they enter or stay in a new environment. Whether going on vacation, or grabbing a bite to eat, the hospitality industry affects countless human activities. The hospitality industry is defined as “the business of housing or entertaining visitors.” The idea of hospitality is extremely important for the simple fact that people want to feel “at home” even when they are not. So, hotels, restaurants, and any other type of business that houses or entertains people all make it their priority to provide the best hospitality services possible to their customers.The hospitality industry focuses on the main themes of leisure time and disposable income, or the money that people have left to spend after taxes are taken out. So, people who work in the hospitality industry want to make sure that their visitors get the most out of the time that is spent in their establishment. The hospitality industry is a several billion-dollar industry, and is a main source of income for many places that are known as “vacation destinations.” The hospitality industry also encompasses transportation companies, theme parks, and resorts.

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