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Turn to any popular TV station today and you will likely see a new advertisement for CVS Health, formerly CVS Caremark.  The ad features people of all shapes and sizes running outside, embracing loved ones and sighing very, very deeply.  As the music lulls and the ad comes to a close, an announcer says “we want everyone to breathe a little easier.”  The timing is in no way coincidental as the ad comes just after CVS announced that it would no longer be selling tobacco products in its stores.  “We’re doing more and more to extend the front lines of healthcare,” CEO Larry Merlo said.  The change reflects a new trend being followed by drugstores throughout America. In an attempt to attract aging baby boomers and people without insurance, drug stores are becoming health stores.  Walk-in clinics are pushing out candy aisles and now in CVS, rather than cigars and cigarettes lining the walls behind the cash registers, customers will see nicotine gum and products to help people kick their tobacco dependencies.  Financial statements in the coming months will tell whether or not the change will help or hurt the now aptly named CVS Health.

Contributor: Phoebe Roe


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