Business: C-Suite

The “C-suite” is a term that is constantly used in the world of business. The C-suite refers to a company’s most senior executives, or the employees “at the top” of a company.  There are actually several positions that belong to the C-suite, contrary to what some may think. The most widely known position is the chief executive officer, or CEO, position. Some other positions include chief financial officer (CFO) and chief operating officer (COO). The great thing is that there are several other positions that may not be as popular, but are just as integral to the functioning of the company, and the company’s success. So even though positions such as chief marketing officer (CMO) and chief technology officer (CTO) are not as commonly known, they attest to just how much is involved in running a company, and how many different aspects of business are involved in keeping a company going.  Also, as both society and the business world advance, more C-suite positions are created. Companies find that there are certain aspects of the business that need a head person, or an executive.


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