Business: Botin’s Bank

Emilio Botin, chairman of Santander Bank has died at the age of 79 in Madrid, Spain. He suffered a heart attack during the night on Wednesday. Banco Santander, a Spanish bank, is one of the largest banks in the eurozone and Botin has been credited with its rise in the Global standing. He turned Banco Santander into Spain’s biggest and then into the Eurozone’s largest bank through a series of acquisitions. He also transformed it into a major bank in Latin America. Mr. Botin’s personal wealth was estimated at $1.1 billion and he was a very influential figure in Spain. Botin has been chairman of Banco Santander since 1986 when he succeeded his father. Santander has $1.55 trillion in asset, about 186,000 employees and 102 million customers all across the world.

Contributor: Laissa Alexis

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