Business: BizCamps

After seeing the benefit of compound interest on his savings account, 16-year-old Miles Johnson developed the idea of a mobile app that would help others from low-income backgrounds manage their money and reach retirement. He recently won first place at a BizCamp business plan competition after meeting with mentors for two weeks. With Johnson’s app, people would be able to check their budget daily, monitor their credit, and learn more about getting out of debt. Additionally, users can see how major expenses, such as a car or house, fit into their budget. Other high school students in the BizCamp competition developed ideas for a music school for autistic kids, a healthy food truck, and a multicultural magazine. Sisters Passion Lord and Dajah Blades stated that their confidence “skyrocketed over the course of the camp” as they worked on valuable presentation skills and gained knowledge about real-world community issues. According to a NFTE study, 88% of the alumni from BizCamp programs are in the workforce, beating the national average of 69%.

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