Business: Bigger Burgers at McDonald’s

McDonald’s has quietly beefed up its quarter-pounder burger patties from 4 ounces to 4.25 ounces. The original burger shrunk to 2.8 ounces after being grilled, but McDonald’s has not yet released the weight of the new cooked patty. Additionally, the grilling method will be modified to maximize juiciness, and buns will be toasted for an extra 5 seconds to make the burger 15 degrees warmer. These changes are part of the company’s efforts to improve its core menu in a turnaround led by CEO Steve Easterbrook, due to stagnant sales in a market where consumers seek fresher, healthier choices. Other initiatives also include new drive-through ordering process to improve accuracy, new toppings and sauces (guacamole, caramelized onions, sliced jalapeños, spicy mayo, creamy garlic, and Big Mac sauce), the option of an artisan bun, upgraded 100% Aussie Angus sirloin beef patties, and greater integration of technology in service.

Contributor: Katie Sun


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