Feeling techie? Read on to learn about new trends and innovations in the digital world this past week:

The American Dream…for shopaholics

Pinterest_logoImagine scrolling through a quality Pinterest board and finding the absolute perfect dress for an occasion you just know will come up sometime in the distant future. You get chills just fantasizing about wearing that dress. But then reality sets in and you realize that there is no way you would be able to find that dress anywhere. Scratch that, Pinterest, the online social scrapbooking service, has a new feature called the “buyable pin.” Meaning, the company is giving its users a method of buying products from inside of pinned items. This is Pinterest’s first foray into e-commerce and is a major moneymaking opportunity for them. Stay tuned on whether this new feature lives up to the hype.

“A ‘like’ for free speech”

On Monday, the Supreme Court ruled in favor of a man from Pennsylvania who was convicted of postiFacebook Likeng several violent messages on Facebook directed towards his then-wife. The man claims he meant no harm, and the Courtagreed saying it wasn’t enough to convict the man based solely on the idea that a reasonable person would regard his communications as a threat. This is a plus for freedom of speech; however, this also means that the internet can potentially be more hostile towards women.

Smart Genes or Smart Jeans?

Levis-Jean-LogoLevi Strauss and Google have partnered up to integrate fabric touch panels into Levi’s clothing designs; they call this Project Jacquard. Essentially, the two companies hope to produce a line of clothing that will turn Levi’s clothing into wearables that can sync with your phone and tablet, like the Apple Watch. “With Project Jacquard, Google will literally weave technology into the very fabric of Levi’s jeans and other clothing in order to turn it into a responsive wearable.” This goes really well with Levi’s new campaign: Live in Levi’s.

Speaking of Google…

At the Google I/O developers’ conference last week, Google Photos was announced. Think twice before brushing off this seemingly mundane new service.

Who isn’t a fan of a beautiful love story and even more beautiful computer graphics? Check out this short called Taking the Plunge. Trust me, it is worth it.

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

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