This week in tech has been lively, as usual. Here is a quick update on the up-and-coming trends in technology to keep you up to speed on industry news.

Drone Regulation

amazondroneWith innovation comes more regulation… or so the government likes to think. Last week, the FCC announced that they were in favor of net neutrality, the idea that the internet should be regarded as a public utility and all websites should be treated equally. This week, the FAA (Federal Aviation Administration) announced that they are willing to let drones fly in the skies. Tech companies, such as Google and Amazon, who are working on drone deliveries should theoretically be in favor of this new regulation. However, there is a lot of fine print involved, such as the small unmanned aerial vehicles must weigh under 55 pounds, drone flight would only be permitted during the day, the speed of these drones must be up to 100 mph and have an altitude of up to 500 feet. Buzzkill. However, this is does give an idea of what tech firms can do with drones.

LoopPay: Apple Pay’s New Competitor

This past Wednesday, Samsung, the world’s largest smartphone manufacturer acquired LoopPay.loop

What is LoopPay? It is a mobile-payment technology startup. Samsung is hoping for it to eventually power all their smartphone transactions. Inother words, it would enable their users to pay for products through their smartphone. Sound familiar? Earlier this year, Apple launched Apple Pay, a platform that allows iPhone users to pay for goods and services through the use of Touch ID. However, unlike Apple Pay’s Touch ID concept, LoopPay would require you to press a physical button on the back of the case in order to send the virtual swipe through.

What is Apple up to now?

Rumor has it that Apple has been assembling an auto team to build its own car. It is not clear whether this will be an electric car, a self-driving car, or perhaps just a sleek operating system for another company’s car. However, we do know that Apple hopes to step into the already overcrowded automotive industry by 2020 with the launch of an Apple car. Possible names? iCar anyone?

Contributor: Ricky Rajani

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