Tech Talk 10/23

Favorite This week in tech, there have been an unveiling of new wearables, hoverboards, and crazy hacks…the world of technology never sleeps. Read on for a quick update: Contributor: Ricky Rajani Revealed: Microsoft’s Dirty Little Secret The Microsoft Garage was created in 2009 to let its

Tech Talk 10/16

Favorite This week in tech has been bustling with hacks, innovations, and big announcements. Here is a quick update about the latest advancements in the digital world: Contributor: Ricky Rajani “The Snappening” Last Thursday night, several nude photos were leaked from Snapchat on to 4chan. This

Tech Talk 10/9

Favorite This week in tech has been lively, as usual. Here is a quick update on the up-and-coming trends in technology to keep you up to speed on industry news. Contributor: Ricky Rajani The Big Break Up: This past Monday, the pioneer of startup-turned-big-tech-giant, Hewlett Packard, split up.

Ashley Mady

Favorite Ashley Mady-Founder and President of Brandberry Ashley Mady, founder and President of Brandberry, is a brand builder with a proven track record in design, licensing, and merchandising. Ashley is a creative hybrid who blends innovation with business. She began her career at one of the

Jo Piazza

Favorite Jo Piazza is an award-winning journalist, editor, digital content strategist, and author. She is currently the Managing Editor at Yahoo Travel and the former Executive News Director for In Touch, Life & Style, and Closer Weekly. During the 2012 presidential election she developed a