Mary Barra

Favorite Famed As: General Motors CEO About: Mary Barra is the current chief executive officer of General Motors, or GM. She is actually the first female CEO of a multinational automaker. Barra received a Bachelor of Science in electrical engineering from General Motors Institute, which is now

Park Geun-hye

Favorite Famed As: South Korea’s first female President About: Park Geun-hye is South Korea’s eleventh president. More importantly, she is the nation’s first female president, and the first female head of state in Northeast Asia. Before her time as President, Park served as the chairwoman of

Business: C-Suite

Favorite The “C-suite” is a term that is constantly used in the world of business. The C-suite refers to a company’s most senior executives, or the employees “at the top” of a company.  There are actually several positions that belong to the C-suite, contrary to what some may think. The most

Health: Caffeine

Favorite German chemist, Friedlieb Ferdinand Runge, first identified caffeine in 1820. It has been estimated that over 120,000 tons of caffeine are consumed globally each year. The most common way of caffeine intake, as many of us know, is coffee. Even though a cup of coffee can really provide