Anne Sweeney

Favorite Famed As: Co-Chair of Disney Media About: Anne Sweeney is the current Co-Chair of Disney Media and president of the Disney/ABC Television Group. Sweeney oversees ABC Studios, the ABC Owned Television Stations Group, and the ABC Television Network, which provide programming to viewers

Meg Whitman

Favorite Famed As: CEO of Hewlett-Packard About: Margaret “Meg” Cushing Whitman is the current president and CEO of Hewlett-Packard, or HP. Prior to this position, Whitman served as president and CEO of eBay for 10 years (1998-2008). During her time at eBay, Whitman oversaw the company’s annual

Business: Startups

Favorite Startups are companies that have just been created, or by other definitions, companies that currently make under a certain amount of money in revenue. More recently, the startup culture has become more widespread, and many people are taking the risk of creating their own business and

World News: World Cup

Favorite Since June 12, 2014, the entire world has been tuning in to watch the 20th annual FIFA World Cup, which is a football (or “soccer” as it’s known to Americans) tournament. The World Cup starts out with teams representing 31 different nations from around the world. The tournament

Health: Dehydration

Favorite Dehydration occurs as a result of an individual not consuming enough water. Dehydration can lead to several health consequences, especially at times when hot weather is a factor. Although people think that consuming any liquid, like juice or soda, will help to prevent dehydration, they