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JDF South America

Lessons from a Trek Across South America

When in Argentina…Bolivia, Chile, Columbia, Peru, and Uruguay Recent college graduates often have similar post-grad agendas: backpack through Europe or Asia for about a monthand then start working in the “real world.” Jillian Di Filippo’s plans took a different angle. Di Filippo graduated from the University of Pennsylvania this past May with a Bachelor’s degree in
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Elizabeth Galbut

The Ad-Ventures of Elizabeth Galbut

Elizabeth Galbut is the co-founder of SoGal Ventures, the first female-led millennial venture capital firm. Ricky: Tell us about yourself. Elizabeth: I’ve been in the healthcare space my entire life and also came from an entrepreneurial background. I always enjoyed identifying problems and coming up with creative solutions. In Georgetown, I accidentally majored in economics.
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Alex Cogdill

The Elements of Success: Advice from a Research Scientist

Alexandria Cogdill is a pioneering scientist who currently conducts research at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research consists of exploring the medical potential of adoptive cell therapy. Ms. Cogdill studies the anatomy and application of CAR cells, which are proteins that allow T-cells to recognize a specific protein (antigen) on tumor cells. Alongside her team,
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Politics: Obama Addresses the Nation

On Sunday, President Obama delivered an address to the nation in the wake of the attack in San Bernandino, California; his address was designed to emphasize the government’s campaign against an evolving terrorist threat. From a lectern in the Oval Office, he openly referred to the attack on the Inland Regional Center in San Bernandino
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Business: Teen Turns Hobby Into a Business

Crafts can be a lot of fun, especially for children, but most seven year olds do not decide to turn their interest in creating something into a full business. However, that is how old Madison Wagstaff was when she first began creating jewelry in 2009 for her startup, Madison’s Fabulous Creations. What began as a suggestion
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Dilma Rousseff

World: Brazilian President Faces Impeachment Charges

There is trouble in paradise for Brazil’s president Dilma Rousseff. Since the beginning of Rousseff’s presidency, many have called her and the Brazilian government corrupt. Many also blame Brazil’s economic problems on President’s Rousseff’s administration. Many have cried for her resignation or outright impeachment. They may now be getting their wish as impeachment charges have
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Health: Scientists Develop Malaria-Resistant Mosquito

Almost half of the world’s population is at risk of malaria: a parasitic disease transmitted by mosquitoes.  Although the disease can be prevented, diagnosed and treated, 580,000 people still die from malaria every year. Some scientists are trying to genetically modify mosquitoes to make them infertile. Other experts warn that getting rid of mosquitoes altogether
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Rebecca Reich 1

Education: NYC Student Empowers Girls Through Fashion

On December 5th, GenHERation Ambassador, Rebecca Reich will be hosting the second annual “Empowerment Through Fashion” event to benefit the Greater Chinatown Community Association (GCCA). This year, Rebecca solicited over 400 items of new and “like new” clothing, and 15 girls affiliated with the GCCA willmodel 40 different looks ranging from jean shorts to leather pants to fun dresses and finally evening wear.  An
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Online Shopping

Tech: The Digital Side of Black Friday

The Adobe Digital Index measured an increase of 18% in online retail sales this Black Friday compared to last year, while RetailNext estimated that foot traffic in stores fell by 1.8 percent. Looking at the wider picture, this increase in online sales caused impressive growth amongst all online retailers, especially those with brick and mortar
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San Bernardino

Politics: Candidates React to California Shooting

In the wake of Wednesday’s mass shooting in San Bernardino, California, several news outlets are examining the reactions of 2016 presidential candidates. Most candidates made their statements through twitter, though Democratic candidates were quicker to offer condolences—and reiterate their commitment to gun control. Hillary Clinton stated, “I refuse to accept this as normal,” and Martin
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